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I’m really excited about the release of my newest book Mermaid Meg and the Magic Lagoon. It was inspired by my love of nature. I’ve learned that so much about protecting our precious places, involves educating people about the issues so they can understand how they are impacted. Mermaid Meg and the Magic Lagoon is aimed at our little ones but maybe it can teach some grown-ups a thing or two as well. We all have the power to create change in our homes and communities and move toward a healthier, more peaceful and loving world. This effort is a gift to ourselves and our future generations! And so it is ………………….

Things to Remember as You Fly From the Nest

Life in your teens and twenties can feel like a roller coaster as you navigate your way into adulthood. "Things to Remember as You Fly from the Nest" points the way to help make it a smoother, enjoyable ride.

Note from the Author Leslie Kiddy Maloney

10% of all proceeds will go toward Lagoon restoration projects.

Mermaid Meg and the Magic Lagoon

Will Mermaid Meg and her sea friends get the humans to remember the magic of the Lagoon? Fantasy and fact combine to teach children an important lesson about taking care of the environment.


It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
Henry David Thoreau
InspirationJune 9, 2017
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